Big Dutchman World Class Poultry, Feed Mill And Pig Production Equipment Increases Yield, Productivity And Protein Production.

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    Big Dutchman Has over 55 years Local and over 80 years global experience, all available to you when you become a Big Dutchman client.

    About Us

    At the cutting edge of Poultry, Feed Mill and Piggery innovation Big Dutchman Empowers Farmers Through Technology.

    About Us

    Reduce Operating Costs and Increase Productivity with Big Dutchman Poultry, Feed Mill and Piggery Equipment.

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    Protect Animal Health and Well Being with Big Dutchman’s Revolutionary Poultry, Feed Mill and Piggery Equipment.

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    Big Dutchman: Invest in the best for long term success.

    About Us
The Big Dutchman Southern Africa team is passionate about working alongside farmers to increase productivity and profitability because we believe that the more successful and sustainable Southern African farmers become, the more sustainable each Southern African country becomes.

Having worked with local Southern African farmers since 1966 and with global farmers since 1938, Big Dutchman Southern Africa provides globally researched pig, poultry and egg farming equipment adapted to the unique climate, infrastructure, labor and farming conditions of Southern African countries.

Animal welfare, combined with bio-security, productivity and intuitive automation empowers our clients with higher yields, lower operation costs and increased product diversity and symbiosis.
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Working with the Big Dutchman has a wide range of client endorsed benefits which include:
  • The most technologically advanced poultry, feed mill and piggery equipment available
  • Meticulous German equipment standards
  • Local industry experience
  • Increased production management and precision
  • Animal longevity and health
  • Feed portion control
  • Animal hygiene
  • Automated ventilation
  • Bio-Security
  • Animal wellbeing
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced labour costs

Recent Projects

Exciting project in Southern Africa Helps to Ensure Food for a Nation

Big Dutchman Southern Africa worked with one of the largest poultry farmers in Mozambique to provide turnkey poultry houses.  There were several phases to this impressive Big Dutchman Southern Africa farm development project. Phase 1: Design The Big Dutchman Southern Africa team worked with our client to ensure that the buildings were designed with the […]
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Big Dutchman Building Completed

Big Dutchman is proud to present our first plan to completion Big Dutchman building completed in October 2021. This layer facility in Pretoria was designed from planning stages with the farmer to ensure a tailored efficient farming solution.  Included in the build was the unique Big Dutchman Building fire resistant and energy efficient building material […]
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As a Broiler farmer the key objective of any equipment is to keep your birds safe, healthy, properly fed, watered and ventilated. At the Big Dutchman we pride ourselves in not only delivery on these key objectives but also integrating a range of technologies that improves:
  • The protein yield of birds
  • The efficacy of feed to yield
  • The cost of production
  • The welfare of your birds
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As one of the most efficient and productive farming options available, piggery farmers have a wide range of factors that most be carefully controlled for healthy, productive animals. Having installed the largest and most productive piggery in Africa, Big Dutchman provides pig farmers with expert advice based on both our local and international pig farming experience.  The Big Dutchman provides farmers with:
  • Feed management
  • Fresh water supply
  • Ventilation
  • Temperature control
  • Efficient waste removal
  • Bio-Security
  • Waste utilisation
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A key objective for every layer farmer is the health and wellbeing of birds. This not only ensures the longevity of the flock but also the frequency and quality of egg production. At the Big Dutchman we are passionate about animal well being and farm productivity which is why our technologies assist farmers to improve:
  • Feed portion management
  • Fresh water supply
  • Ventilation
  • Bio-security
  • Efficient waste removal
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Big Dutchman Buildings provide pig, egg and poultry farmers with turnkey farm buildings for efficient and effective animal production. From planning to engineer approved drawings to building, Big Dutchman Building provide farmers with:
  • Energy Efficiencies
  • Reduced Labor Requirements
  • Automated feed, water and manure removal
  • Integrated Management Systems
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Providing quality feed for broiler and layer chickens and pigs can be expensive with a questionable quality. For this reason, many farmers have started growing their own feed and creating feed mixes unique to their farm with unique production results. Big Dutchman provides farmers with:
  • Adaptable systems tailored to farm’s requirements
  • Stone & metal collectors for feed quality management
  • Even pulverisation of cereal and grains
  • Dust filter for increased hygiene
  • Even feed structure
  • Automated distribution
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Key to the success of any pig, egg or poultry production farm is reliable power. Big Dutchman Solar enables farmers with consistent and reliable power by utilizing the energy of the sun. Key benefits include:
  • Stable and reliable power
  • Integration with current power solutions
  • Robust, agriculture solar panels
  • Ongoing maintenance availability
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"Verder is ek baie tevrede met die bouwerk op hierdie stadium.
Stuur asb die kwotasies aan so gou moontlik."

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