• Increase bird health,
    well-being and productivity with Big Dutchman Poultry Growing Equipment.

  • Increase farm productivity and reduce running costs with Big Dutchman Poultry Growing Equipment.

  • Tailor automated systems that increase the predictability of your poultry yield.

  • Easily manage house climate, feed, fresh water, ventilation ammonia levels and residue with Big Dutchman Poultry Growing Equipment.

  • Big Dutchman: Invest in the best for long-term success.


Modern poultry production is a balance of animal welfare for optimum productivity, house efficiency, feed and water provision and most importantly easily accessible flock data so that poultry farmers can quickly and efficiently respond to changing conditions in the house.
Big Dutchman Poultry provides Southern African farmers with state-of-the-art poultry growing equipment designed to increase farm profitability through farming efficiency.
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The exciting benefits available to poultry farmers when they install Big Dutchman poultry technology are:
  • Increased detailed flock information for better decision-making
  • Automatic, bird-centric feeding equipment
  • Scientific climate and ventilation control for optimum bird health
  • LED lighting technology for optimal bird health
  • Bird centric weighing solutions for reduced flock stress
  • Bio safety through decreased human intervention
  • Farm profitability through reduced labour costs

At Big Dutchman Poultry Production we’re excited to work with poultry production farmers. We have a range of products that facilitates poultry farming success. If you are just starting out, we’ve put together a guide to assist you to start your poultry farm which you can find by downloading this document.

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Finding innovations in a global market with constantly rising demands not only requires high levels of expertise and scientific research but also a global view. Big Dutchman has over 80 years’ experience in international poultry farming and over 55 years’ experience in local poultry farming. This experience enables us to provide local farmers with expert advice on every aspect of poultry farming.

Key aspects of poultry farming where Big Dutchman technical innovations are increasing farm productivity include.

Poultry Feed and Water

Providing poultry with enough of the right food at the right time, combined with constantly available fresh drinking water, is key to increased production.

Ensuring birds feet remain dry and healthy and reducing food and water contamination is key to healthy, happy, productive birds.

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From one day old chicks to heavier birds, Big Dutchman provides a range of feeding options that ensures:

• Birds have easy access to food at all times.
• There is minimal feed wastage.
• No breast bruising.
• Simple thorough cleaning reduces contamination risks.

In terms of freshwater provision, Big Dutchman nipple drinkers with drip cups ensure birds have access to fresh, clean drinking water with no risk of contamination. In addition, Big Dutchman drinking water systems provide birds with:

• Constant water temperature
• Even concentration of additives along the whole line.
• Even water pressure
• No stagnant water in the drinking line.
• Drip cups ensure birds’ feet remain dry and healthy.

Take a look at these readily available Big Dutchman poultry production products:

• Big pans.
• Viva pans.
• Flux 330 pan.
• Top orange nipple drinking.

Poultry Lighting

Lighting in your poultry house is key to several aspects of poultry health and in particular lighting is crucial to promoting poultry growth, feed intake, metabolism and nutrient utilization, all of which contributes to poultry productivity

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A consistent lighting cycle reduces bird stress, aggression and behavior issues. It is also crucial for hygiene and disease control. In addition, utilizing circadian rhythms (the natural light/dark rhythms of birds) many farmers are able to optimize bird growth and well-being.

The lighting products available through Big Dutchman include:

• Flex LED

Poultry Silos

Utilizing a Big Dutchman Silos can be used outside of the house as well as inside the house dependent on your poultry farming set up.

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Big Dutchman Silos provide farmers with a range of important benefits which include:

• Feed integrity
• Hygiene
• Pest control
• Automated feed distribution
• Feed Preservation

The Big Dutchman Silos available to Southern Africa poultry growers include:

Poultry Climate Control

The more sanitary your house, the higher the health and well being of your chickens, ducks, geese or turkeys. Big Dutchman has a variety of exciting poultry residue solutions that increase bird health, well-being and productivity while also increasing farm profitability.

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In most broiler houses manure is collected in manure pits below the birds. This system, however, often results in high levels of ammonia and decreased bird well- being.

The Big Dutchman manure conveyor belt removes manure from the house and can be fitted to automatically deposit the manure into a Big Dutchman composting system which enables the farmer to create additional income from residue.

Key benefits to the Big Dutchman residue removal and treatment systems include:

• Increased bird health, well-being and productivity
• Decreased farm labour requirements.
• Easy to install and retrofit for current house residue solutions.
• Farm centric solutions with up to an 85% dry matter content for easy storage and distribution.

Poultry House Management

Raising birds is a sensitive business, with the slightest changes having an effect on farm profitability. Big Dutchman has taken bird centric scientific research, combined with years of experience with poultry farmers from across the globe to create innovative, user friendly poultry farming technology that increases farm productivity.

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Reliable Big Dutchman automated systems empower poultry farmers with intricate data about their flocks which empowers proactive poultry management.

Big Dutchman Poultry technology enables farmers to control every aspect of the poultry house including ventilation, feed, water, and so much more.

In addition to reduced human interference with the birds, the Big Dutchman poultry technology enables poultry farmers to set up alarms which alert farm managers’ to issues in the poultry house before they become a problem.

Managing poultry with Big Dutchman gives poultry farmers better control, reduces production risks, and increases farm profit predictability.

The best part about Big Dutchman farm management is that it is intuitive, simple to use and designed by farm experts for farmers.

Find out more about the Big Dutchman Poultry Production technology by clicking through to each product.

• Bird scales
• Viper touch
• Big Farm Net

Boiler Breeder

Managing broiler breeders is a challenging task. Feeding, housing equipment, lighting, climate: all components need to be optimally attuned to each other for successful hatching egg production.

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Big Dutchman Broiler Breeding equipment provides farmers with a range of breeder equipment designed for optimal animal health and welfare while protecting farm margins.

Two of our most popular broiler breeder equipment elements include:

• Male chain feeding.
• Flux breeder pan.

Solar for Poultry Production Farms

Ensuring your poultry production houses have continuous ventilation, food, water, temperature control and manure removal is critical to the health, wellness and productivity of your birds.
Big Dutchman Solar provides egg production farmers with solar solutions that seamlessly tie into your current power set up, providing back up power when grid power is unreliable.
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Poultry Production Buildings

The set-up of your egg production house affects heating and cooling costs, ventilation efficiency, feed and water distribution and manure removal. Big Dutchman Buildings provide egg farmers with a turnkey egg production house, complete with energy efficiencies, state-of-the-art egg production farming equipment, and, when required, technology for collated data analysis through Big Farm Net.

Find out more about Big Dutchman Egg Production Buildings by clicking here
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Feed Mills for Poultry Production Efficacy

Managing the cost of feed on your egg farm is one of the most effective ways of increasing farm profitability. Running your own feed mill enables you to determine the composition of your feed, manage the quality of the feed and reduce reliance on external feed suppliers who may increase the price or be unreliable with feed deliveries.

Find out more about installing a Egg Production Feed Mill on your farm.
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Several key areas differentiate Big Dutchman Egg Production in the market. By engaging farmers on the full production process including house design, building and fitting, feed mill integration and solar energy provision, Big Dutchman Egg Production is able to support farmers through globally researched and locally adapted technologies.

Recent Projects

Department of Labour

Big Dutchman Southern Africa recently completed a very exciting project with the Department of Labour involving a turnkey broiler solution which included: Establishing the site with civile contractors Erecting the Broiler House Building Supplying, fitting and installing broiler equipment including feeding, drinking and ventilation equipment Erecting site offices and ablutions This fantastic project is designed […]
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Brits NW Project - Gielie Fourie

An exciting project  in which equipment for an environmentally controlled Broiler House for our client Gielie Fourie who is situated in Brits NW Province had the Big Dutchman Southern Africa team working with dynamic Big Dutchman technology to achieve the client’s objectives. As a successful Broiler Farmer Mr Fourie worked with the Big Dutchman Southern […]
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