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Big Dutchman Climate Control 307 & 310

307 pro and 310 pro are the basis for a climate and production control system that works without fail in your
barn. The computers’ outstanding features include:

  1. A colour 7-inch or 10-inch flat screen
  2. A customisable user interface
  3. Modular hardware
  4. Easy software updates
  5. Data protection
  6. High operational reliability
  7. Full integration with Big Farm Net

The 307pro and 310pro climate computers fully control your barn’s climate with the most modern methods. The temperature in the barn
is regulated quickly and precisely to the required level.

New and unique: the principle of adaptive climate control.

With this method, control parameters are constantly adapted to the current situation in the barn based on a new self-learning function. The house climate is thus permanently optimised, which ultimately increases productivity and sustainability and improves animal welfare. Both computers are available for one or two rooms. They can control any standard ventilation system, including fresh air and exhaust air, heating, cooling, the 378 T emergency opening and alarm

Key Advantages
  • one climate and production computer for all types of pig
    housing: finishing houses, nurseries, sow and boar house
  • simple operation via a 7-inch or 10-inch touch screen
  • software with simple, easy-to-understand icons
  • quad-core processor (310pro) – extremely fast
  • supports more than 30 languages – including yours!
  • customisable home screen
  • simple alarm management
  • future-proof investment
  • compatible with the BigFarmNet Manager software on your PC and the BigFarmNet app
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UniVent Layer: The ideal system for laying hens

In true best-seller style, UniVent Layer meets and exceeds our customers' high standards for laying birds, keeping birds healthy and improving laying performance.  Take a look at some of the key elements UniVent provides farmers:

  1. Opticoat provides the ideal covering for all wire and sheet metal parts.
  2. Easy access to birds reduces the stress of moving them in and out of the cage.
  3. A step access trough with an inward rim reduces feed losses.
  4. 2 nipples for easy access to water.
  5.  A trough-shaped manure belt is used for clean transport during manure removal.
  6. Optional air duct that reduces ammonia emissions.

Extensive testing has shown that the special Big Dutchman suspension for cage bottoms makes the floor of the UniVent cage very elastic: eggs roll quickly but smoothly to the egg channel. This reduces the risk of hairline cracks and dirt to a minimum.

Main Advantages
  • the proven UniVent system is the perfect basis for profitable, high-quality egg production;
  • high functional reliability of all supply and removal systems (feed, water, egg belts, manure);
  • stable design;
  • trouble-free assembly from three to twelve tiers with catwalks;
  • the entire cage front is easily opened thanks to a sliding grid: welfare-friendly moving in and out of the birds;
  • OptiCoat protects against corrosion, thus increasing the system’s service life;
  • the cage bottoms have a mesh size of 1" x 1.5" and a slope of only 12 % or 7° and rest on tension wires, which ensures excellent egg quality;
  • manure belt ventilation (optional) dries the manure optimally, thus keeping ammonia emissions low and producing spreadable and storage-stable dry manure.

UniVent is a trademark for quality and customer satisfaction and has been for decades.

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Big Dutchman Milling & Mixing Solutions : Feed Mix Production

Big Dutchman Milling and Mixing Solutions provide farmers with the opportunity to use seasonal, locally grown ingredients for feed.  Producing feed enables farmers to:

  • Save on the highest input cost aspect of animal production
  • Control the quality of feed
  • Control the availability of feed

The Big Dutchman Milling and Mixing Solutions include:

Drum Cleaners:

With two different drum cleaners for crop preparation before milling, Big Dutchman drum cleaners have an elegant design with few moving parts for lower maintenance, ensure cleaner feed for better animal production results, are adjustable and highly efficient.

Hammer Mills:

Big Dutchman Hammer Mills have a high capacity for fine milling and provides uniform feed structure, milling takes place in both directions resulting in uniform screen wear.  Find out more about Hammer Mills by downloading the brochure.


Big Dutchman offers three different filter systems with custom-made filters to ensure the effective separation of dust particles.




Additional Features

In addition to the mentioned milling and mixing options Big Dutchman also offers:

MicrosDry: Ideal for dosing small amounts for a specific section of the flock or herd, every section is equipped with an agitator, which enables efficient handling of even slow-flowing raw materials.

Dry Mixers: Enable the mixing of different ingredients such as cereals, soya, dry minerals, vitamins and fats for high-quality feed production.

Silos: Indoor and Outdoor silos for the storage of primary ingredients and completed feed mixes.

Hoppers: For mixes and pre-mixes

Big Dutchman Milling and Mixing solutions can be programmed into Big Farm Net which unites all farm functions and provides an automated farm solution.

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Big Dutchman AirMaster: Over 40 Years of Ventilation Innovation

The Big Dutchman AirMaster series is the core of many livestock owners' ventilation systems worldwide. With the increasing demand for quality ventilation systems driven by state-of-the-art ventilation control systems, Big Dutchman's Airmaster series delivers several key advantages:

  • High Air Performance
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • High Resistance to Corrosion
  • A Robust Design

The Big Dutchman AirMaster 130 and 140 series enables livestock farmers to implement step control which enables the adjustment of ventilation rates in the barn to livestock requirements.

One of Big Dutchman Southern Africa's best-selling AirMaster Series, AirMaster 130 provides some key benefits:

  1. High Air Performance
  2. Specially shaped blades ensure optimum operation, thus reducing energy costs
  3. Low noise levels
  4. Compact design
  5. Airflow pressure opens the shutters, which stay open thanks to balancing weights: little air resistance
  6. Rugged design
  7. Good price-to-performance ratio
  8. Simple assembly without external assistance
  9. Long service life

Find out more about Big Dutchman AirMaster by getting in touch with our team or downloading the brochure.

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Big Dutchman Top Orange Drinking System

To achieve the optimum performance from your birds, it is extremely important to provide fresh and clean drinking water.
For this, water must be available reliably, free from contamination and within easy reach for the birds. Big Dutchman satisfies all of these requirements in an ideal way – offering a wide range of drinking systems for broilers, turkeys, and breeders, as well as pullets and layers.

Our product range includes:

  • 4 nipple drinkers with and without drip cup;
  • 4 special broiler and turkey drinkers;
  • 4 round drinkers for open water supply;
  • 4 cable winches;
  • 4 water connection unit with medicator.

The choice of the right drinking system depends on the type of bird, on the field of use, on the situation in the house and on your individual requirements.

Key Benefits

#1: Maximum Hygiene:

With a smooth surface, no corners or edges the Top Orange provides a hygienic drinking system for birds.

#2: Optimum Water Provision

Several systems ensure your poultry receive optimum water without wastage.

#3: Drip Cup

Keeping your house litter dry while enabling birds to comfortably drink, Top Orange


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Big Dutchman Automatic Chain Feeders for Poultry Farmers

In the poultry industry, a new era dawned in 1938 when Big Dutchman introduced the world’s first automated chain feeding
system. Thanks to its robust and simple principle, this feeding system has proved itself a million times over.
The basic concept – hopper, drive unit, trough, corner and the Big Dutchman CHAMPION feed chain has remained unchanged.
The entire system, how ever, has been continuously improved and adapted to today’s requirements for modern poultry management.
Big Dutchman developed the ideal fast feeding system for restricted broiler breeder feeding by increasing the conveying speed to 36 m/min

The Automatic Chain Feeder provides farmers with automated feeding solutions.  The feed hopper is available in different versions matching perfectly the respective requirements. Its capacity varies according to the number of feed lines and the size of the hopper extensions. The feed level in the trough can be precisely adjusted by the feed level slide. As an option, the feed hopper can be equipped with a feed return wheel preventing feed from overflowing.  The chain drive is always separate from the feeder, so that the feeding system can be simply adapted without problems to any house situation. The ideal shape and width of the feed trough guarantees that the birds do not disturb each other when feeding. Feed losses are reduced to an unavoidable minimum.

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Big Dutchman Bird Scales

The Big Dutchman Swing 70 and Swing 20 provides accurate weighing of birds without the stress. In modern poultry production the accurate weighing of birds throughout the growing process provides important information that supports farmers with:

  • Managing bird health in the best possible way
  • Rapidly detecting the first signs of disease
  • Monitoring bird weight up to slaughter day


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Big Dutchman Big Pan

A feeding system for poultry growing must meet very high standards – depending on feed distribution (adlibitum or controlled feeding) and age and type of birds. The system has to satisfy the needs of day-olds as well as those of heavy birds. Easy access to
the feed and avoidance of feed waste are of great importance. To meet these requirements the best possible way, we offer our customers a variety of feed pans that can all be filled with feed by means of the renowned AUGERMATIC conveying system.

The AUGERMATIC system consists of:

  • lower part and upper part of feed hopper
  • extension for feed hopper
  • tube with conveying auger
  • feed pan
  • drive unit with sensor for automatic stopping of conveying auger
  • suspension system with winch
  • anti-roost wire
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Big Dutchman Flux 330 and 360 Feeding Pans

The innovative 360° and 330° feeding pans have a  flooding mechanism which ensures a high feed level all the way around the pan to make the feed more accessible for day-old chicks – without extra work for the grower. As the birds grow, the entire feed line is raised, which causes the flooding mechanism to close thus decreasing the feed level in- side the pan. This reduces feed wastage to an absolute minimum. Baffles at the outer cylinder of the pan prevent feed wastage.

Innovative Poultry Feeding

Advantages and Benefits

  • A high level of feed
  • Ideal for day-old chicks at a low litter height
  • Smooth shaping on the lip prevents injuries
  • Feed saver lip to prevent wastage
  • Screwless Snap-On system
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Culina Cup: Keeping your Piglets Fed Regardless of Litter Size

As litter sizes continue to increase you may find your sows struggling to nourish all of the piglets.  The Big Dutchman Culina Cup provides you with a hygienic, efficient and animal-friendly supplementary feeding system that helps to ensure all of the piglets in your litter survive while supporting your sows during lactation.  This in turn supports a more relaxed sow and piglet environment resulting in healthier piglets and more fertile sows.

Key to the success of the Culina Cup is the fact that fresh, warm, feed milk is available to piglets in small amounts to ensure hygiene and at any time.

Main Advantages of using the Big Dutchman Culina Cup
  • Significantly reduced time and effort in supporting sows and piglets
  • No need for nurse sows
  • Sows are less exhausted and tend to be more fertile post-weaning
  • Piglets have a higher weight of up to 1kg post-weaning
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Big Farm Net: Production made more Efficient, Profitable, Sustainable

Big Farm Net provides you with a unique solution to pig production, where you have access to house information providing insights into animal trends, feed efficiency and the overall productivity of your pig production house.  With performance data available at the touch of a button, Big Farm Net enables you to better predict business trends for your farm.

Big Farm Net Provides you with:


Based on Knowledge

Acquired through Information on YOUR farms performance

Powered by your data.

Main Advantages
  1. Easily accessible through any computer or smartphone so that additional data can be quickly uploaded from anywhere on your farm.
  2. Every aspect of your farm runs through one intuitive software program.
  3. Your data is safely and automatically backed up to avoid costly and frustrating data corruption
  4. All alarms are run through a centralised data input
  5. Future-proofed through the Big Dutchman continuous development program.
  6. Modular components so you only need to buy what you need for now, while knowing you can upgrade as your farm grows.
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FlexLED Lighting

Flex LED: Flexible Tube Lighting

FlexLED is an innovative LED tube lamp which can be used across your houses with nearly no boundaries. The main cable runs through the entire house (outside of the bird area) without any plug connections and thus ensures that the entire power remains in the main line.

Retrofitting additional FlexLED tube lamps at a later point is also very simple. Thanks to the plug & play principle, each LED tube can be installed individually in any place. In addition, all connections are completely waterproof.

Main Advantages of installing FlexLED
  • low power consumption;
  • resistant to high-pressure cleaning, IP 69K;
  • 0 to 100 % dimmable;
  • even light distribution;
  • zero flickering even at low light intensities;
  • 2-channel lamp (warm white / red);
  • certified by the German Agricultural Society (DLG, test report 6816);
  • 48 V DC safety extra-low voltage;
  • plug & play installation for quick, easy and flexible mounting;
  • use of brand LEDs (Osram);
  • continuous main cable prevents contact resistance caused by plug-in connections;
  • good price : performance ratio;
  • available in different lengths;
  • three-year warranty.
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Easy Step 56

Easy Step 56: The Easiest way to safely house 56 laying hens.

Designed for start-up farmers in Southern Africa, Easy Step 56 provides you with a Big Dutchman quality solution to housing up to 56 laying hens.  With galvanised metal parts which are extremely weather resistant, an elegant water and feed solution that reduces wastage and an innovative cage layout that takes care of manure disposal, Easy Step 56 is the perfect way to start your egg production business.

Easy Step 56 doesn't require special installation and the simple tools and comprehensive construction manual enables start-up farmers to unbox and set up their egg production farm in a matter of hours.

Main Advantages
  • Simple Set-Up
  • No electricity required
  • Constant supply of water to each bird
  • Constant supply of food to each bird
  • Manure removal
  • Comfortably and safely houses 56 birds
  • An affordable way to start your egg production farm
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BigPacker egg packing efficiency.

Big Dutchman Big Packer: Because Every Egg is Precious

Here at Big Dutchman, we understand that every egg is precious and the fewer breakages the more profitable your layer farm.  As a result, the Big Dutchman Big Packer minimises breakages with quality components and calibration to ensure the maximum number of eggs possible make it into the egg trays.

BigPacker, is a high-quality farm packer providing a high net efficiency as well as very smooth handling of eggs.  BigPacker is available in three sizes and an automatic tray stacker as an option as well.

Main Advantages of BigPacker
  • high net efficiency: no waiting for the sixth egg to complete a row of the tray;
  • the thought-out technology can be operated by just one person;
  • gentle handling of the eggs all the way to the tray;
  • use of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel and industrial plastics;
  • simple control and management system;
  • easy access to areas that need to be cleaned or maintained;
  • uniform and compact size (4.33 x 2.50 m), straight or with 180° curve;
  • worldwide service network;
  • long service life.
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ViperTouch Poultry Production House Computer

Viper Touch: Newest Generation Climate & Production Computer to Manage Your Poultry Houses

ViperTouch is a climate computer that enables you to control the entire house environment according to state-of-the-art principles. The controller can be used for all established types of ventilation (natural, mechanical and combined). This includes side, cross, tunnel and CombiTunnel ventilation.

ViperTouch controls:

  • fresh air
  • exhaust air
  • heating
  • heat exchanger
  • cooling
  • emergency opening
  • alarms

ViperTouch provides you with a professional production computer that records all important data regarding growth, feed and water consumption and mortality of your stock (broilers, turkeys, ducks). This enables you to react quickly to changes and to take the required action, which in turn will lead to better performance results and increase economic efficiency.

Main Advantages of installing ViperTouch in your poultry production house.
  • climate and production computer developed specifically for poultry growing: broilers, turkeys, ducks and breeders
  • brilliantly simple operation via touchscreen
  • freely selectable operating modes: Basic, Flex or Profi
  • extremely fast processor and memory
  • speaks 32 languages – including yours!
  • customisable home screen
  • simple alarm management
  • compatible with the BigFarmNet Manager PC program and the BigFarmNet app
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Big Dutcman RainMaker

RainMaker: The Ideal Cooling System for Poultry Houses with Tunnel Ventilation

RainMaker is a pad cooling system developed by Big Dutchman that features a clever and unique frame system. Its main benefits include:

  • efficient cooling of the barn,
  • minimum installation requirements and
  • easy monitoring and maintenance.

The system uses evaporation to cool barns and is therefore mainly installed in climate regions with hot and dry summers. The higher the temperature and the lower the relative humidity, the higher the cooling effect.  This makes the RainMaker a perfect solution for many Southern African regions where summers are generally hot and relatively dry.

The Main advantages of using the RainMaker cooling system in your poultry barn include:
  • very efficient barn cooling;
  • open design so the water flow is easy to see;
  • no additional water tank is required;
  • compact structure and fixed pump position;
  • plastic pads with a much longer life span;
  • accurate temperature control in combination with ViperTouch;
  • incredibly easy assembly and simple cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner.
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Viva 330

Viva 330 is a feed pan for broiler production that has been newly developed by Big Dutchman.
The pan not only satisfies the needs of day-old chicks but also those of heavy birds during the final grow-out period. The following points are essential for successful broiler rearing:

  • easy access to feed at any age;
  • reduced feed wastage;
  • simple, thorough cleaning;
  • fast assembly.

Viva 330 fulfils all of these requirements optimally. You can also select either a deep or a flat dish. Let our experts advise you on how to find the best option for your individual needs.

The new feed pan for successful broiler production
  • the automatic 360° flooding mechanism ensures a high feed level in the pan for an ideal start of the day-old chicks;
  • the flooding mechanism closes automatically when the pans are lifted, lowering the feed level and reducing feed wastage to a minimum;
  • there are no barriers, feed is easily accessible for birds of every age;
  • the pan is made of high-quality, UV-resistant plastic;
  • the pan can be cleaned thoroughly with a high-pressure cleaner;
  • attractive price: performance ratio.
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