Big Dutchman layer housing has been specifically designed with Southern African climates in mind providing durable, climate-controlled environments for your birds

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    Working with the natural behaviour of laying hens, Big Dutchman’s layer equipment helps to increase egg productivity while maintaining animal well-being.

    About Us

    Big Dutchman layer housing has been specifically designed with Southern African climates in mind providing durable, climate-controlled environments for your birds.

    About Us

    Big Dutchman layer housing can be built from scratch to your exact specifications or retrofitted to current housing.

    About Us

    Big Dutchman layer equipment has been designed to reduce labour costs, increase animal productivity and farm profitability.

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    Big Dutchman: Invest in the best for long-term success.

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Egg Production
Eggs are the cheapest form of animal protein, which has resulted in a dramatic increase in the demand for eggs. This has opened opportunities for farmers to introduce egg production as an alternate and symbiotic farming product. Regardless of the size of your farm, Big Dutchman Egg Production provides farmers with a range of products and services that support increased productivity and ultimately profitability.
With globally researched products adapted to the Southern Africa climate, infrastructure and market conditions, Big Dutchman Egg Production provides farmers with quality egg production equipment and technologies supported by a team of expert technicians.
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  • Animal friendly systems that promote hen health, well-being and productivity
  • Organic, barn and free-range egg production systems
  • Bird centric ventilation, climate and lighting solutions
  • Sophisticated clean water and food supply
  • Automated manure removal for optimal hygiene
  • Incorporated animal behaviour technology to ensure early nest adoption
  • Automated egg collection and protection systems
Big Dutchman Southern Africa has been assisting farmers with world-class, scientific and intuitive egg production equipment since 1966. With global and local experience in every aspect of egg production, farmers who work with Big Dutchman have experienced increased profitability and efficiencies.

In egg production, there are 6 key aspects that affect hen productivity and longevity. Big Dutchman egg production equipment empowers farmers with information, animal-centric solutions and scientific systems that reduce animal stress.

Pullet Rearing

Based on egg production global research, the success of hens and increased laying time is strongly dependent on their familiarity and comfort levels with their environment.

Raising and training laying pullets from day-old chicks for their life in the hen house increases well-being, longevity and reduces the hen stress experienced when moving pullets from a pullet rearing house to a hen house.

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Big Dutchman is passionate about farm profitability as well as animal well-being and productivity. Raising pullets instead of buying pullets from a pullet farm enables farmers to better control early nutrition, hygiene and access to clean water, all of which plays a vital role in the hen’s adult health.

Big Dutchman pullet rearing houses provide farmers with the following exciting benefits:

• Birds are raised within a similar environment to the laying aviary which reduces their stress, increases their longevity once they move to the aviary and gives them an ideal start into the laying period.
• Automated feed and water systems ensure pullets get maximum nutrition from day 1 resulting in stronger, healthier birds.
• Belt residue removal along with automated ventilation and climate control keeps pullets healthy and the aviary hygienic.
• Bird centric automatic weighing provides critical information about pullet health while keeping the birds stress free.

Hen Housing

As an innovator in hen housing, Big Dutchman has a wide range of hen housing solutions available. Key to each housing solution is 4 key aspects:
  • Bird wellness which includes feed, clean water and enough space for birds to move, perch, scratch and generally behave as happy chickens should.
  • Egg collection and safety.
  • Hygiene and climate control and bio-security.
  • Hen productivity.

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Big Dutchman has been innovating hen housing solutions for increased egg production for over half a century. Critical to the success of any egg producer is happy hens. Big Dutchman hen houses take a variety of natural animal behaviours into account in the design of our egg production solutions.

Animal Friendly Aviaries

Big Dutchman animal friendly aviaries provides birds with a tiered nesting system in which movement, perching and scratching are all available to the birds at any time.

With food and water lines situated just outside nesting areas, birds naturally settle in the nesting areas where egg belts safely carry laid eggs away and manure belts remove most of the manure in the house.

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Big Dutchman’s animal friendly aviaries for regular and free-range egg production, make the most of any house area with the entire house floor being utilised for scratching and additional perches located at the top of the nesting tiers to encourage bird movement.

Enriched Colony Systems

Big Dutchman’s Enriched Colony System enables egg production farmers to control smaller groups of hens in a tiered system that enables birds to act out their normal behaviour with dedicated nesting, feed, drinking, perching and scratching areas.

Flexible nest curtains allow for undisturbed laying while egg belts safely transport the eggs out of the house.

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Excellent house hygiene conditions and comfort along with high yields make Big Dutchman Enriched Colony System a go to for profitable egg production.

Egg Production

Other than the health and wellness of hens, key to a profitable egg production farm is safely transporting, cleaning and packaging eggs for retail. Big Dutchman has done all the hard work, with an automated egg collection system which is flexible, efficient and gentle on eggs.

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When it comes to carefully and safely transporting eggs from the hen house into their packaging, Big Dutchman has thought of every possible nuance.

Egg transport starts with collecting the eggs from the nests. Big Dutchman’s variety of egg collection solutions ensures the gentle handling of eggs, reliability and easy handling and includes the following additional benefits:

• Space efficiency
• Minimal human interaction with the eggs
• Inbuilt cleaning and sorting capacity
• Simple assembly and maintenance
• Can be retrofitted to a variety of hen house systems.

Once the eggs have been collected from the hen house Big Dutchman uses a variety of belts to gently but efficiently move the eggs to the Big Dutchman egg cleaning units. These units gently and efficiently clean the eggs using a combination of ultrasound, warm water and a cleaning solution.

Finally, Big Dutchman’s egg count technology counts every single egg providing valuable data on production before eggs are transported to the packer..

Big Farm Net

Big Farm Net is a data driven technology that links the most important farming data in your egg production houses to an app installed on your phone, tablet or pc. This data provides you with an overview of the most important information on your egg production houses, your birds and your input costs such as feed.

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Key information available to you includes:
• Ventilation
• Temperature
• Humidity
• CO2 levels
• Water Consumption
• Food Consumption
• Bird Weight
• Mortality Rate
• Food Conversion
• Silo Content Forecasts

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Several key areas differentiate Big Dutchman Egg Production in the market. By engaging farmers on the full production process including house design, building and fitting, feed mill integration and solar energy provision, Big Dutchman Egg Production is able to support farmers through globally researched and locally adapted technologies.

Solar for Egg Production Farms

Ensuring your egg production houses have continuous ventilation, food, water, temperature control and manure removal is critical to the health, wellness and productivity of your birds.
Big Dutchman Solar provides egg production farmers with solar solutions that seamlessly tie in to your current power set up, providing back up power when grid power is unreliable.
Find out more about Big Dutchman Solar by clicking here.
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Egg Production Buildings

The set-up of your egg production house affects heating and cooling costs, ventilation efficiency, feed and water distribution and manure removal. Big Dutchman Buildings provide egg farmers with a turnkey egg production house, complete with energy efficiencies, state-of-the-art egg production farming equipment, and, when required, technology for collated data analysis through Big Farm Net.

Find out more about Big Dutchman Egg Production Buildings by clicking here.
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Feed Mills for Egg Production Efficacy

Managing the cost of feed on your egg farm is one of the most effective ways of increasing farm profitability. Running your own feed mill enables you to determine the composition of your feed, manage the quality of the feed and reduce reliance on external feed suppliers who may increase the price or be unreliable with feed deliveries.
Find out more about installing a Egg Production Feed Mill on your farm.
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Recent Projects

Fouriesburg Layer Farm

In a recent project completed for a large layer farm in Fouriesburg Big Dutchman Southern Africa installed the first of 2 layer houses to host 21 000 birds. The crisp, clean, efficient, hygienic, animal centric nature of Big Dutchman equipment is showcased in this modern layer house which provides the farmer with the ultimate in layer […]
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Welkom Conshara Farms

Big Dutchman was pleased to be part of a project completed in Welkom Conshara Farms, a 400 000 Layer facility. This project is the first of its kind in Africa with a double story 8 tier housing system that comfortable and safely accommodates up to 40 000 birds.  As a fully environmentally controlled building Big Dutchman equipment […]
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