Big Dutchman Buildings: Energy efficient housing to keep your animals in the perfect climate for maximum feed conversion.

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    Big Dutchman Buildings: Engineer approved building design taking into account animal flow, bio-security and management and labour access.

    About Us

    Big Dutchman Buildings: Strong, Safe, Hygienic, Durable Animal Specific Housing.

    About Us

    Big Dutchman Buildings: Design includes permit requirements for increased permit turn around time.

    About Us
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Keeping your animals within the perfect climate for maximum feed conversion with minimal labor effort and low animal stress is the ultimate goal of all animal production farmers.
Big Dutchman Buildings provide you with a turnkey pig, egg or poultry production building to fit your farming needs. From farm layout, transport and bio-security planning to energy-efficient building design to equipment fitting, Big Dutchman Building has it all.
Key benefits Big Dutchman Buildings offer pig, egg and poultry farmers include:
  • Expert design in terms of farm layout, including animal flow and bio-security
  • Engineered building design from concept to 3D modelling to implementation
  • Big Dutchman Buildings take into account the permit requirements, such as environmental impact studies, aiding in a quicker permit turnaround
  • From site readiness, Big Dutchman buildings can be erected and fitted in as little as 4 weeks
  • Big Dutchman Buildings include fire hazard safety measures
  • Big Dutchman Buildings are energy efficient, assisting in animal climate control and increased productivity
  • Big Dutchman Buildings are hygiene efficient and are designed to be cleaned in as little as 2 hours
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With experience in the Southern African Market since 1966, Big Dutchman Southern Africa is passionate about supporting farmers no matter how large or small, in farming pigs, eggs and poultry.

Big Dutchman Buildings provide an exciting opportunity for pig, egg or poultry farmers to start with built-in efficiencies that see farm profitability in a very short amount of time.

Big Dutchman follows these 4 steps to provide farmers with a turnkey Big Dutchman Building.

Step 1: Client Objectives

Whether a client is looking at introducing egg or poultry production to their maize farm for diversity or manure harvesting purposes or a new farmer is starting from scratch, Big Dutchman Buildings provides turnkey animal production solutions.

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The Big Dutchman Building team spend time understanding the objectives of each client, ensuring the best possible animal production building according to each client’s objectives, time frames, and budget. Key factors taken into account include:

• Current farm activities
• Space
• Transport
• Long term farm goals

Get in touch with the Big Dutchman Building team here today for an obligation free discussion about your farm objectives.

Step 2: Farm Design

Big Dutchman Buildings are involved in far more than just the design of the animal production building. Animal flow, bio-security, management accessibility and labour movement are all part of the Big Dutchman Building design process.

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Big Dutchman Building includes a 2D and 3D model of the building with particular attention on the factors needed to secure the relevant permits for the animal production building. This enables farmers to more easily secure the necessary permits for the buildings.

For more information on Big Dutchman Buildings, contact our team here today.

Step 3: Implementation

Big Dutchman Buildings are engineer approved, durable, strong, safe, hygienic and very practical. Once the site has been approved, a Big Dutchman Building can be erected and fitted to cater for layer hens, broiler chickens or pigs within 4 weeks.

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Using PUR and PIR sandwich panels along with an attic structure filled with specialised glass wool, Big Dutchman Buildings are fire retardant, sealed for hygiene purposes and can be cleaned in just 2 hours.

This means layer hens, broiler chickens and pigs are kept safely in hygienic ideal climate conditions, which reduces the stress on the animals, improves animal productivity and increases feed conversion.

Contact the Big Dutchman Building team here today to find out more about our turnkey animal production building solutions.

Step 4: Support

Big Dutchman Buildings not only provides the ideal housing for exceptional animal production, but we also can provide technical farming assistance to support farmers through the critical first year of animal production.

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Every piece of Big Dutchman equipment from water and food delivery systems to manure treatment and handling to Big Dutchman Buildings have been designed with expert, animal specific, farming knowledge as a foundation.

As a result, we know how important having that farming knowledge is for the success of animal production. As a support for Big Dutchman Building clients, we offer farmers venturing into a new area of animal production with expert, animal specific farm consulting services to help ensure a quicker return on investment.

Get in touch with the Big Dutchman team here today to find out more.
Big Dutchman Buildings offer Southern African farmers with a turnkey animal production building solution implemented with German precision and based on over 80 years of international farming experience and over 50 years of local farming experience.

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Exciting project in Southern Africa Helps to Ensure Food for a Nation

Big Dutchman Southern Africa worked with one of the largest poultry farmers in Mozambique to provide turnkey poultry houses.  There were several phases to this impressive Big Dutchman Southern Africa farm development project. Phase 1: Design The Big Dutchman Southern Africa team worked with our client to ensure that the buildings were designed with the […]
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Big Dutchman Building Completed

Big Dutchman is proud to present our first plan to completion Big Dutchman building completed in October 2021. This layer facility in Pretoria was designed from planning stages with the farmer to ensure a tailored efficient farming solution.  Included in the build was the unique Big Dutchman Building fire resistant and energy efficient building material […]
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