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Thinking BIG. Moving Horizons.

Big Dutchman Southern Africa is excited to be moving into a state-of-the-art facility where we can continue to support our customers'  in fulfilling their BIG dreams for feeding Southern Africa. Watch this space for more updates.
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Poultry Production Building

Exciting project in Southern Africa Helps to Ensure Food for a Nation

Big Dutchman Southern Africa worked with one of the largest poultry farmers in Mozambique to provide turnkey poultry houses.  There were several phases to this impressive Big Dutchman Southern Africa farm development project. Phase 1: Design The Big Dutchman Southern Africa team worked with our client to ensure that the buildings were designed with the […]
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Big Dutchman Solar for Schools, Business, Agriculture, Residential and Servicing

Big Dutchman Solar is excited to be working with a range of organisations across industry types.  With Southern Africa experiencing over 300 days of sunshine a year, utilising solar energy for power just makes sense. In this article the Big Dutchman Solar team is taking some time to outline key benefits for using solar energy […]
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1 Million + Bird Farm

One of the Big Dutchman Angola projects includes the fitment of house for a 1 million + bird farm.  The Big Dutchman installation was for a house accommodating 200 000 hens providing ventilation, food, water, manure removal and egg conveyor systems to make the farm as efficient and profitable as possible.
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Big Dutchman’s 3 Tips for Reducing Ammonia Levels in Broiler Houses

Keeping chickens healthy and happy is key to any broiler farm’s profitability. Big Dutchman’s experience with Southern African broiler chicken farmers since 1966 has ensured a wealth of local experience that we provide to our clients from broiler farm objective setting to ongoing broiler farm support. “In any farm, feed conversion and animal productivity is […]
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5 Reasons Big Dutchman Buildings set Farmers Up from Day 1

Starting an egg production, poultry production or pig production farm is an exciting venture with enormous potential.  With any new business, ensuring the sustainability and profitability of the farm is critical, particularly in first few months. Big Dutchman specialises in egg, poultry and pig production and Big Dutchman Buildings set farmers up for almost instant […]
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4 Ways Installing Big Dutchman Feed Mill Makes Your Farm More Profitable

In any animal production farm, managing input costs to ensure the profitability of the farm is key to success. Big Dutchman has worked with hundreds of farmers over the 55+ years we’ve been working in Southern Africa,  fine tuning this delicate profitability equation.  Apart from energy efficient buildings, accurate feed and water distribution systems and […]
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